Experience of Ureteroscopic Pneumatic Lithotripsy In Management of Lower and Mid Ureteric Calculi


  • Mumtaz Rasool
  • S A Tabassum
  • F Mumtaz
  • A A Sheikh




Purpose of Study:  To formulate results of our experience with ureteroscopy and intracorporeal pneumatic lithotripsy during  management of mid and lower ureteric stones.

Design of Study:  Prospective.

Period of Study:  January 2004 to April 2006.

Setting:  American General Hospital, Ahmadpur Road Bahawalpur.

Patients and Methods:  All patients of mid and lower ureteric stones above 18 years of age were included in this study. Initially 115 patients were selected but 15 patients were lost during follow-up. Patients with previous history of surgery for ureteric stones were not included. Ureteroscopy and intracorporeal pneumatic lithotripsy were used for patients whose stones failed to progress on conservative trial.

Results:  Intracorporeal pneumatic lithotripsy with ureteroscopy has best results especially in single session with 94.2% stone clearance rates. Conservative management of ureteric calculi is very promising and practicable provided the infection and pain remains under control and stone size is smaller than 06mm.

Conclusion:  Wait and Watch treatment for ureteric calculi is safe.Ureteroscopy and pneumatic lithotripsy is effective and can be advocated as first line treatment for ureteric calculi if opted by the patient.

Key Words:  Ureteric calculi, Ureterorenoscopy (URS), Intracorporeal Pneumatic lithotripsy. UreteroRenoscopic Lithotripsy (URSL).

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Rasool, M., Tabassum, S. A., Mumtaz, F., & Sheikh, A. A. (1). Experience of Ureteroscopic Pneumatic Lithotripsy In Management of Lower and Mid Ureteric Calculi. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 14(1), 21. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v14i1.104