Pleural biopsy in the diagnosis of lymphocytic exudative pleural effusion


  • Javed Asghar Magsi
  • Saulat Ullah Khan
  • Shamshad Rasul Awan



Pleural Effusion. Tuberculosis. Pleura. Developing Countries. Tuberculosis, Pleural. Tuberculin Test. Lymphocytes. Pleural Effusion, Malignant. Biopsy.


Pleural effusion is a common clinical problem in developed as well as developing countries. Tuberculosis and malignancy are common causes of exudative pleural effusion with lymphocytic predominance`. It is very difficult to diagnose the underlying cause by clinical, radiological or even pleural fluid analysis. These cases usually require pleural biopsy for definitive diagnosis2. Pleural biopsy is a safe ad reliable procedure ad is recomended to perform in all cases of exudative pleural effusion. Objective of this study was to list the frequency of patients with lymphocytic exudative pleural effusion diagnosed on pleural biopsy. This study was conducted at the Institute of Chest Medicine Mayo Hospital Lahore. A total of 50 patients, who fulfilled the criteria, were included in this study and underwent closed pleural biopsy. These were then investigated by histopathology. Histopathological examination of pleural biopsy was performed by department of pathology King Edwerd Medical College Lahore. A total of 5 0 patients underwent; closed pleural biopsy. Adequate pleural tissue was obtained in 30 patients (60% of cases) the most common diagnosis made was granulomatous inflammation most likely tuberculosis. Histopathological evaluation of pleural biopsy specimens can lead to diagnosis in 46% of patients with exudative lymphocytic pleural effusion.



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Magsi, J. A., Khan, S. U., & Awan, S. R. (2016). Pleural biopsy in the diagnosis of lymphocytic exudative pleural effusion. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 11(4).




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