Types of Conflicts in Doctors in Private and Public Sector Hospitals


  • Shazia Khalid
  • Iram Fatima
  • Waheeda Khan




Conflict types, doctors, private sector hospitals, public sector hospitals.


Objective:  The present research was conducted to assess whether doctors of private and public sector hospitals would differ in organizational conflict types after controlling gender.

Material and Method:  The sample comprised of 178 doctors employed in private and public sector hospitals among which 84 were from private hospitals and 94 were from public sector hospitals. Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory – III was used to assess the types of conflicts.

Results:  Results revealed that the doctors from private sector hospital experienced all types of conflicts more than doctors from public sector hospitals, after controlling for the gender. Further substantive conflict was experienced more than other types of conflicts in both settings.

Conclusion:  Although, type of sector plays a major role in determining level of conflicts in doctors, yet task related conflicts named as substantive conflicts are dominant in both types of settings whether private or public.



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Khalid, S., Fatima, I., & Khan, W. (2016). Types of Conflicts in Doctors in Private and Public Sector Hospitals. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 22(2). https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v22i2.1298



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