Role of Laparoscopy - A Diagnostic Aid, its Indications & Benefits


  • Munir Saeed
  • Mahmood Ayyaz
  • Muhammad Arshad Cheema



Laparotomy. Laparoscopy. Abdomen. Abdomen, Acute. Abdominal Neoplasms. Patents as Topic. Appendicitis. Abdominal Pain. Diagnostic Techniques, Surgical.


Patients with an obscure and unrelievable abdominal condition may be forced to receive open laparotomy for diagnosis. Diagnostic Laparoscopy has been suggested as an alternative to diagnostic laparotomy in selected cases. It is a prospective descriptive study in which, thirty one patients under-going diagnostic Laparoscopy using conventional pneumoperitoneal techniques from January 2000 to June 2002 were included in this study. The correlation between preoperative diagnosis. laparoscopic diagnosis and pathologic diagnosis as well as the outcome of laparoscopic diagnosis and treatment have been assessed. Major indications for diagnostic Laparoscopy included acute abdominal pain (n=9). chronic abdominal pain (n=13), different intraabdominal tumor (n=7). All patients with acute abdominal conditions. 8 of the 13 patients with chronic abdominal pain and 4 of the 7 patients with abdominal tumors had no reasons for a further exploratory procedure, thus preventing the morbidity or mortality which might occur after unnecessary laparotomy. Diagnostic Laparoscopy benefits patients by avoiding unnecessary surgery. avoiding unnecessary delay in diagnosis and treatment and shortening the operative and hospitalized period. However. it provides only an alternative not a substitute for traditional diagnostic procedures and will never lessen the importance of conventional laparotomy.



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Saeed, M., Ayyaz, M., & Cheema, M. A. (2016). Role of Laparoscopy - A Diagnostic Aid, its Indications & Benefits. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 9(3).




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