Treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneration--A trial with dietary supplement of Vitamins and Minerals


  • N H BUTT



Macular degeneration, vitamins and minerals


To find percentage of AMD and it’s types among the patients visiting Eye Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. And to asses the efficacy and long term implications of dietary supplement in terms of vision in AMD patients. This prospective study was started in December 2000 and up till this date 157 patients have been treated with combination of Vit-C 500 mg, Vit-E 400 i.u., Beta Carotein 15mg, Zinc Oxide 80mg, and Cupric Oxide 2 mg. It is anon going study which will last for ten years to note long term effects and defects. Both male and female patients between 41 and 89 years of age, with either wet or dry form of AMD were included. Out of 157 cases 114 had Exudative (Wet) form of AMD-Group I. Forty three cases had Non-exudative type of AMD- Group II. FFA was done to evaluate and document the type, nature and location of the disease. Dietary supplement therapy was instituted and the patients were followed every 4 weeks for six months. Therapy was abandoned after 4 months and FFA was repeated after 6 months. Later follow-up of such qualified patients was done every 4 months. Improvement in the disease and vision was better in Group-L Ninety Three percent (93%) patients either had visual improvements by two lines with Snellen’s Acuity (27%) or vision did not deteriorate (66%). But in Group II, 83% showed deterioration of vision. Only 2.4 % had visual improvement by one Snellen’s line and rest 14.6% had stable vision. The modalities to treat AMD are Laser, Radiotherapy, PDT, Sub macular Surgery, Translocation of Macula and many more. Their success rate is variable. It has been reported in literature that vision may further deteriorate from complication, which they may produce in some of the eyes. The dietary supplement therapy is a safe and useful method of treating AMD and visual results are quite promising.




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ULLAH, N., BUTT, N. H., SHAFIQUE, M. M., KIANI, H., & QANDEEL, A. A. (2017). Treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneration--A trial with dietary supplement of Vitamins and Minerals. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 8(4).