A Case Report of Unusual Presence of Fetal Bone in Cervix After Induced Abortion


  • Asifa Noreen
  • Aqeela Abbas
  • Alishba Batool
  • Rubina Sohail




Although induced abortion is common in early pregnancy and termination of pregnancy but very rarely after 2nd trimester. Retention of fetal bone after termination of pregnancy is an uncommon Gynecological condition which may be symptomatic. We present a case of 26 years old presented in OPD with complaint of foul smelling vaginal discharge, pain lower abdomen and urinary incontinence for 7months. She gave history of induced abortion at 7months of amenorrhea by dai after that she underwent a laparotomy due to abdominal distension and suspicion of intestinal obstruction by surgeon and pus was drained. But no obstruction was found after that she had complaint of vaginal discharge pain lower abdomen & incontinence. On examination abdomen soft, non tender, cervix not visualized, 4x5 cm, whitish colour foreign body impacted in cervical region. Uterus mobile normal size, 4x5cm irregular stony hard foreign body impacted in cervix and projecting laterally and anteriorly. Urine dribbling anterior to foreign body but no fistulous opening visible.



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Noreen, A., Abbas, A., Batool, A., & Sohail, R. (2017). A Case Report of Unusual Presence of Fetal Bone in Cervix After Induced Abortion. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 23(3). https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v23i3.2029



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