Outcome of Early Tracheostomy in the Management of Grade II (Moderate) Tetanus Patient


  • Nukhbat- Ullah Awan
  • Muhammad Sohail
  • Zeeshan Sarwar
  • Muhammad Mustahsen Bashir
  • Muhammad Abbas Khokhar
  • Asad Aizaz Chatha




Tetanus, Tracheostomy, Complications


The study was carried out in ENT Department ofKEMU, Lahore from December 2012 to November 2015 to assess theoutcome of early tracheostomy in grade II (moderate) tetanus patients.A total of fifty-six adults of both genders, diagnosed as grade II tetanus patients, were included. Clinical characteristics,
mode of trauma, incubation period, vaccination status and investigations were recorded. All patients were managed in ICU and early tracheostomy was performed in addition to standardized medical treatment. A total of 86% males with age 32±8.3 years presented the study participants. Results demonstrated thatmost common mode of trauma was road traffic accident, and majority (54%) of patients were never vaccinated. Incubation period noted was 7±1 days. Tracheostomy was performed in 16±3 hours of admission and tracheostomy decannulation was performed in 23±3 days. Patients were discharged in 27±3 days.Weconcludethat early control of airway with tracheostomy in grade II tetanus patients helped in better patient management with early recovery and decreased hospital stay with minimal morbidity.



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Awan, N.-. U., Sohail, M., Sarwar, Z., Bashir, M. M., Khokhar, M. A., & Chatha, A. A. (2018). Outcome of Early Tracheostomy in the Management of Grade II (Moderate) Tetanus Patient. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 23(4), 519-523. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v23i4.2232




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