Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and their Management – A Local Scenario


  • Bilal Bin Younis
  • Rashid Ahmad



Objective: The prevalence of diabetes is dangerously increasing esp. in this part of the world. The study is done to analyze the disease in both genders, the average age of onset of disease, the treatment which the patients are getting esp. by their family physicians and their control based upon their average random blood sugars.
Material and Methods: Case series observational study was done selecting 200 patients with Type 2 Diabetes of at least one year duration, from ages 20 yrs and above. 2 centers were included in the study one at the heart of Lahore and other at peripheral district Sheikhupura. The patients which were selected were being treated by family physicians and were not con-sulting any specialist for the control of their disease. First 200 patients were selected 100 at each centre irrespective of their ages gender and duration of disease.
Results: The gender ratio was 38 and 62 %for Males and Females respectively. The average age of onset was 40 years. On the average 26% patients were on insulin and 74% were on oral anti Diabetic medicine. The glucose control was better in patients on insulin as compared to those on oral medication. Overall 14% were controlled in our study, even when controlled BSR was taken as 200 mg%.
Conclusion: There are significantly more females diabetic as compared to males in our study, the overall control was dis-appointing, however 26% of patients were on insulin and their average blood sugar random was better than others. More large observational studies are required to get to more reliable picture, Customized local guide lines needs to be developed for our family physicians, they should be included in the team for developing the guidelines, as they see majority of the patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

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Younis, B. B., & Ahmad, R. (1). Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and their Management – A Local Scenario. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 16(4), 237.