Assessment of Nutritional Status of Adolescent College Girls at Rawalpindi


  • Afshan Shahid
  • Farah Rashid Siddiqui
  • Mohammad Ayaz Bhatti
  • Mahmood Ahmed
  • Mohammad Wasif Khan



Objectives: To assess the nutritional status of adolescent college girls by assessing the dietary intake in terms of carbohydrates,
proteins, Estimating the hemoglobin levels in the study group and studying the clinical signs of malnutrition with
special emphasis to vitamin A, iron and iodine deficiency.
Design of Study: A cross-sectional study.
Settings: Two Post-Graduate women colleges of Rawalpindi.
Study Duration: 9 Months (From Jan 2006 to September 2006).
Materials and Methods: Nutritional status of 508 adolescent girls was assessed with a questionnaire, clinical examination
and biochemical estimation (hemoglobin). The data thus collected was analyzed in July 2006 on computer with the help of
Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and Excel.
Results: Results revealed that 20%of girls were having BMI <18.5, 77% above 18.5% and 3% were obese. 57.09% of the
girls had goiter out of which 52.96% had palpable goiter and 4.13% had visible goiter. Pallor conjunctiva was seen in 1%
girls. No clinical signs of Vitamin A deficiency were seen. Biochemical results indicated that 32.87% of the girls was suffering
from Iron deficiency anemia.
Conclusions: Large longitudinal and cross-sectional studies, regarding nutrient consumption, dietary habits and nutritional
intervention are required in the adolescent girls. These studies can be thought provoking for the policy maker at the
government level. Nutritional education and health promotion can be used as tool to improve the health status of the nation.
Key Words: Adolescent Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Assessment.



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Shahid, A., Siddiqui, F. R., Bhatti, M. A., Ahmed, M., & Khan, M. W. (2010). Assessment of Nutritional Status of Adolescent College Girls at Rawalpindi. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 15(1), 11.




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