Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Wellbeing of Healthcare Workers in Tertiary Care Hospital


  • Tayyiba Wasim
  • Gul e Raana
  • Natasha Bushra
  • Anam Riaz




COVID-19 pandemic, mental health, Healthcare workers, insomnia.


Objective: The corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak which started in China now has become a pandemic. This disease is affecting the health of general population and causing severe psychological distress in healthcare workers. This survey was planned to investigate the impact of pandemic on mental wellbeing of these workers. Methods: Medical staff members working in Services hospital, Lahore were recruited. The information regarding demographic data, insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress symptoms were obtained by questionnaire. Comparison of demographic data and these psychological variables were done between insomnia and non-insomnia groups. Results: Total 356 healthcare workers were included in the study. There were symptoms of depression in 222(62.35%), anxiety in 227 (64.76%), stress in 197 (55.33%) and insomnia in 190 (53.37%) of participants. Mild to severe symptoms of depression (91.65% vs. 28.9%), anxiety (83.1% vs. 41.6%) and stress (84.26% vs. 22.22%) were seen predominately in the insomnia group (p< 0.001).Insomnia was more in participants with low education level (78.08%) vs post-graduate degree (30.9%). Paramedics, nurses and healthcare workers in isolation/ intensive care units were more prone to insomnia (p<0.001). Conclusion: Mental wellbeing of health care workers is affected due to COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses, paramedics and those working in isolation unit have significant insomnia. Involvement of mental health professionals and online mental health services can be helpful.



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Wasim, T. ., Raana, G. e ., Bushra, N. ., & Riaz, A. . (2020). Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Wellbeing of Healthcare Workers in Tertiary Care Hospital. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 26(Special Issue), 140-144. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v26iSpecial Issue.3625

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