Pregnancy Outcome in COVID-19 Suspected and COVID-19 Confirmed Women: A Comparative Analysis


  • Saima Chaudhary
  • Sarwat Nazir
  • Fatima Shahbaz
  • Sara Humayun
  • Naheed Akhtar
  • Shamsa Humayun



COVID-19, suspected, confirmed, pregnancy outcome


Objective: To determine pregnancy outcome in COVID-19 suspected and confirmed women presenting to a tertiary care hospital. Methods: An analytical study comparing clinical outcome of confirmed COVID-19 with suspected COVID-19 pregnant women was carried out during three-month period from 1st July to 30th September 2020 at COVID-19 ward on pregnant women of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore. Information including clinical features, obstetrical outcome, ventilatory support and mortality was collected on a predesigned Proforma. The data were analyzed by using SPSS version 24. Qualitative data were expressed as frequency, percentages and chi-square, While quantitative variables as mean ± SD. Results: Eighty-three patients were enrolled, including 41 confirmed and 42 suspected COVID-19 cases. The mean age was 28.59 years +4.9. The mean gestational age on admission was 31.98 weeks. Obstetrical complications included miscarriage in 5 (11.6%) cases, preterm labor in 5 (11.6%), PPROM in 1 (2.3%) and IUD in 2 (4.7%) in COVID-19 suspect group. A total of 17/41 confirmed and 19/42 suspected COVID-19 were delivered during the study mostly through caesarean section. Supplemental oxygen, ICU admission, and invasive mechanical ventilation were more common in COVID-19 suspect group compared to confirmed COVID-19 group. There were 12(28.5%) mortalities in COVID-19 suspect group as compared to 2/41 (4.8%) in confirmed COVID-19 group. Conclusion: In patients having epidemiological exposure, clinical features of COVID and suggestive chest X-ray/CT chest findings even with negative COVID-19 PCR, high index of suspicion of COVID-19 must be mainstay to prevent delayed management and disease spread till the availability of more sensitive test.



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Chaudhary, S. ., Nazir, S. ., Shahbaz, F. ., Humayun, S. ., Akhtar, N. ., & Humayun, S. . (2021). Pregnancy Outcome in COVID-19 Suspected and COVID-19 Confirmed Women: A Comparative Analysis. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 27(2).




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