Post Turbinectomy Hemorrhage - A study of 50 cases

Post Turbinectomy Hemorrhage - A study of 50 cases


  • M B PAL



Turbinectomy, nasal obstruction, per operative, primary, reactionary and secondary hemorrhage.


The aim of the study is to know dearly about the major complications of a commonly performed nasal operation i.e. partial inferior turbinectomy. The current study is a randomized control trial and retrospective research work regarding 50 cases that underwent partial inferior turbinectomy and its major complication i.e. hemorrhage. The said operation is performed to open up the nasal cavities that were previously blocked due to the hypertrophied inferior turbinates. The study was conducted in ENT Unit II Mayo Hospital, Lahore. The patients were randomly selected belonging to all age groups and to both sexes and to rural and urban areas. They got admitted in the wards. Base line investigations were done for all the patients e.g. HBs-Ag. Anti HCV, HIV, Bleeding Time, Clotting Time. Blood and Urine C/E. The patients were made fit for general anesthesia. Other investigations such as X- rays’ paranasal sinuses and CT scan were done to look for associated disease processes in the neighborhood. The occurrence of bleeding is divided into per operative, primary just after the surgery, reactionary during pack period and at the time of removal of nasal packs and secondary when the patients are sent home and got post-operative infections. With careful surgical interference, effective nasal packing, gradual removal of packs and regular suction clearance in postoperative follow up. only one patient created nuisance and needed readmission & revised nasal packing and blood transfusion. 5 cases (10 %) got noticeable per operative bleeding, while one patient (2 %) got primary bleeding, 3 cases (6%) got reactionary, while one patient (2%) got secondary bleeding. The conclusion drawn from the study is that although the operation of partial interior turbinectomy gives immediate relief regarding nasal obstruction but it has the hazards of hemorrhage.




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YAQOOB, M. ., PAL, M. B. ., GHAURI, S. ., & NAZIR, I. . (2021). Post Turbinectomy Hemorrhage - A study of 50 cases. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 13(1), 45–47.



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