Prevalance of Neck Pain in Computer Users

Prevalance of Neck Pain in Computer Users


  • Faiza Sabeen
  • Muhammad Salman Bashir
  • Syed Imtiaz Hussain
  • Sarah Ehsan




Prolonged use of computers during daily work activi-ties and recreation is often cited as a cause of neck pain. Neck pain and computer users are clearly conne-cted due to extended periods of sitting in a certain pos-ition with no breaks to stretch the neck muscles. Pro-longed computer use with neck bent forward, will cau-se the anterior neck muscles to gradually get shorter and tighter, while the muscles in the back of neck will grow longer and weaker. These changes will lead to development of neck pain.

Objectives:  To find incidence of neck pain in compu-ter users, association between neck pain and prolong sitting in wrong posture, association between effects of break during prolong work, association between types of chair in use in prolong sitting and occurrence of neck pain.

Methodology:  For this observational study data was collected through Questionnaires from office workers (computer users), and students.

Results:  Out of 50 persons 72% of computer users had neck pain. Strong association was found between neck pain and prolonged computer use (p = 0.001). Those who took break during their work had less neck pain. No significant association was found between type of chair in use and neck pain. Neck pain and type of system in use also had no significant association.

Conclusion:  So duration of computer use and fre-quency of breaks are associated with neck pain at work. Severe Neck pain was found in people who use computer for more than 5 hours a day.


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Sabeen, F., Bashir, M. S., Hussain, S. I., & Ehsan, S. (2014). Prevalance of Neck Pain in Computer Users. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 19(2), 137.



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