Solving problems in Blood transfusion with efficient technology

Solving problems in Blood transfusion with efficient technology


  • Bushra Khalid
  • Dur e Najaf
  • Bisma Tahir
  • Abdul Bari Khan



Blood banking, blood transfusion, transfusion problems, IT in blood transfusion, Solving problems in blood transfusion, transfusion and technology


Blood transfusion is a life-sustaining procedure. But there are several hurdles in safe blood administration which can cause transfusion transmitted infections (TTI) and acute transfusion reactions and even death. Besides, human errors anywhere in the transfusion chain add fuel to the fire. Blood borne Infections like Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are highly prevalent in Pakistan affecting about 7.4% of the general population. Among acute transfusion reactions, Febrile nonhemolytic reaction and the allergic reaction are the most common. Moreover, a variety of human errors and near-miss events in transfusion have been reported in the past. Technology has played an important contribution in upgrading the quality of life and healthcare. The main goal of this review is to point out the problems in blood transfusion and to hint at possible solutions with the use of Technology. In addition to following the WHO strategies for safe blood transfusion, blood safety can be ensured by incorporating haemovigilance systems, pathogen reduction technologies and certain approaches to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination. Human errors can be halted via a Management Information System called “Blood Bank Management Information System (BBMIS)” which can recognize and arrest such errors simultaneously.




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Khalid, B. ., Najaf, D. e ., Tahir, B. ., & Khan, A. B. . (2022). Solving problems in Blood transfusion with efficient technology. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 28(2), 235–240.




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