A Survey Report on Measles in Pakistan

A Survey Report on Measles in Pakistan


  • Bilal Siddique Rehan
  • Mariyam Irshad
  • Rahat Khan
  • Shahid Amin
  • Ishrat Imran
  • Saghir Jaffri





Objective: To study the epidemic condition and to know the cause of the epidemic, treatment being provided and cause of increasing deaths due to measles.

Study Design: Survey report

Place and Duration of Study: Admitted Measles patients in peads department of Jinnah Hospital Lahore, Services Hospital Lahore, General Hospital Lahore, Children Hospital Lahore, Mayo Hospital Lahore, Sir Gangaram Hospital Lahore and Social Security Hospital Lahore during January 2013 to March 2013.

Methodology: Admitted patients in peads department of hospitals were visited patients affected with proper signs and symptoms such as High fever, Generalized Maculo pappular rashes, Conjunctivitis and spots on body were studied. Their prescriptions were studied, the medicines given to reduce severity of the symptoms of the disease including Antipyretics, Antibiotics and Oral Antifungals were studied. They were asked whether they were vaccinated for measles or not and their socio economic status including patients' residing conditions were also studied.

Results: Most of the patients studied in hospitals had post measles complications     and some patients were solely affected by measles. Most of the patients studied were vaccinated according to the EPI schedule and rests were partially vaccinated, non-vaccinated, vaccine was not available to them, they did not have awareness and some parents were careless regarding vaccination. Most patients belonged to the poor class making 61.90 %, rest of the patients belonged to middle and lower middle class.

Conclusion: Pneumonia was found to be the most common complication of measles. Most children belonged to poor socio-economic status.

Key words: Epidemic, Measles, Vaccination, Immunization, Children.


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Rehan, B. S., Irshad, M., Khan, R., Amin, S., Imran, I., & Jaffri, S. (2014). A Survey Report on Measles in Pakistan. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 19(4), 286. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v19i4.529



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