Frequency of Placenta Previa – Placenta Accreta in Patients with Previous Cesarean Section


  • Huma Quddusi
  • Shafi S.




Objective:  To study the frequency of placenta previa/ accreta in patients with previous cesarean section.

Study Design:  Prospective hospital based study.

Place and Duration of Study:  Gyne unit 2 Nishtar Hospital Multan from November 2010 to September 2011.

Patients and Methods:  The study included patients admitted with the suspicion of placenta previa through the out patient department in the ward and in the labor room as emergency cases with antepartum hemor-rhage. Diagnosis was confirmed by transabdominal ultrasound and in patients with anterior placenta previa and previous cesarean section, doppler ultrasound was requested to diagnose placenta accreta. Detailed his-tory, clinical examination and baseline investigation was done in all patients.

Results:  During the study period 38 cases of major degree placenta previa were managed. 22 (57.89%) were emergency admissions and 16 (42.10%) were admitted throughout patient department. 29 (76.39%) patients had previous cesarean section and 9 (23.68%) patients had all previous vaginal deliveries. 8 (27.58%) patients had previous one cesarean section and 21 (72.41%) had 2 or more cesarean sections, 4 (10.52%) patients had placenta accreta and out of these 3 pati-ents were diagnosed antenatally by doppler ultrasound and one patient was diagnosed at emergency cesarean section.

Conclusion:  The major risk factor for the placenta previa is uterine scaring and therefore the incidence is increasing with increasing cesarean section rate. Pla-centa accreta is one of the most serious complications of placenta previa. It is suggested that in patients with anterior major degree placenta previa and previous cesarean section, antenatal diagnosis of  placenta acc-reta should be made by doppler ultrasound so that appropriate management  plan can be made.

Keywords:  Placenta previa, placenta accreta, cesa-rean section.

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Quddusi, H., & S., S. (1). Frequency of Placenta Previa – Placenta Accreta in Patients with Previous Cesarean Section. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 17(4), 402.




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