• Usman Habib Virk
  • Yar Muhammad
  • Khalid Masood Gondal
  • Humayun Siddique




Introduction:  The thyroid gland is one of the largest endocrine gland constitute of two lobes connected by an isthmus. Thyroid nodules are a frequent clinical problem and its incidence is rising. The solitary nodules are the palpable nodule in otherwise normal gland whereas dominant nodules are the palpable nodule in an enlarged gland. There is a variable frequency of malignancy in solitary cold nodule. Our study is aimed to find its frequency in local population.

Objective:  To determine the frequency of Maligna-ncy in solitary cold nodule thyroid.

Material and Methods:  This is the descriptive case series study conducted at East Surgical Ward, Mayo Hospital Lahore in 1 year duration from 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2014. 140 patients age more than 12 years of either sex with confirmed solitary cold nodule thyroid of any size on physical examination, ultrasound and thyroid scan through non-probability purposive sampling technique were included in the study. A biopsy of the cold nodule was sent to hospital laboratory to determine the frequency of malignancy. All demographic and clinical findings were recorded on a predesigned proforma. All collected data was entered and analyzed by using SPSS 20. Quantitative variables like age and size of nodule was presented in the form of mean ± SD and qualitative variables like gender and malignancy was presented in the form of frequency and percentages. Post-stratification chi-square test was applied, P-value ? 0.05 as significant.

Results:  The mean age of the patients was noted as 40.10 ± 11.62 years. There were 47.14% male patients while 52.86% female. Malignancy was found in 23 (16.43%) patients whereas absent in 117 (83.57%) patients.

Conclusion:  It is concluded that the malignancy is more frequent in solitary cold nodule thyroid in our local population and in timely intervention and proper screening is recommended.

Keywords:  Malignancy, Cold Nodule Thyroid, Thy-roid Scan, Biopsy.



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Virk, U. H., Muhammad, Y., Gondal, K. M., & Siddique, H. (2016). MALIGNANCY IN SOLITARY COLD NODULE THYROID. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 21(4), 231.




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