An audit of vascular surgery experience at North Surgical Unit, Mayo Hospital Lahore


  • Khalid Irshad
  • Omar Salahuddin
  • Intesarur Rashid
  • Raza S
  • Abdul Majeed Chaudhry



Carotid Artery Stenosis. Peripheral Vascular Disease. Hyperlipidemias. Diabetes Mellitus. Hypertension. Carotid Artery, Internal. Aortic Aneurysm. Vascular Surgical Procedures. Endarterectomy, Carotid.


The prevalence of Peripheral vascular disease, Carotid artery stenosis and Aortic aneurysm in our society is higher than generally accepted because of higher incidence of established modifiable risk factors like Smoking, Diabetes, Hypertension and Hyperlipidaemia. We present a review of 246 patients with prospective collection of data who were referred for opinion to North Surgical Ward Mayo Hospital Lahore from March 2005 to February 2006. Surgical treatment was possible in 165 patients. Amongst remaining 81 patients 38 presented late and had amputations either in referring unit or with us and 43 were managed conservatively or under follow up. 24 prosthetic grafts were used, 8 in Aortic aneurysms, 4 in carotid endarterectomies and 11 in iliofemoral reconstructions with no peri-operative mortality or stroke. We had 2 grafts occlusion and amputations in critically ischaemic patients who had single vessel run off. Non invasive investigations were the first choice in Carotid and peripheral vascular disease. Conclusion: Our experience shows higher incidence of late presentation and under treatment of these high risk patients which need patient awareness and life style modification at community level. We advocate multidisciplinary approach and establishment of fully supported dedicated peripheral vascular and endovascular services at tertiary care level.



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Irshad, K., Salahuddin, O., Rashid, I., S, R., & Chaudhry, A. M. (2016). An audit of vascular surgery experience at North Surgical Unit, Mayo Hospital Lahore. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 12(1).




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