Maternal (oral) hydration increases amniotic fluid volume


  • Aneela Umber



Oligohydramnios. Trimester, Third. Amniotic Fluid. Rehydration Solutions. Fluid Therapy. Hypotonic Solutions. Infusions, Intravenous. Amniocentesis. Isotonic Solutions.


Objective:To determine the effect of maternal (oral) hydration on amniotic fluid volume in patients with third trimester oligohydramnios. Design: Interventional study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Obs & Gynae Unit III, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore from May 2002 to October 2002. Patients and Methods: Twenty five women with third trimester oligohydramnios (AFI ?5.0cm) and twenty five controls with normal amniotic fluid volume (AFI 8-24 cm) were prospectively recruited for this study. Maternal urine specific gravity and amniotic fluid index were determined before and after maternal hydration by asking them to drink 2 L of water in 2-4 hours before repeat amniotic fluid index and recorded on printed proformas. Results: Hydration increased amniotic fluid volume in women with oligohydramnios (mean change in amniotic fluid index 4.3 cm, 95% confidence interval 4.02 to 5.06; P value <0.001); as well as in women with normal fluid volume (mean change in Amniotic fluid index 2.7 cm, 95% confidence interval 2.23 to 3.21; P value <0.01). However, percentage increase in mean AFI was 58.6% in the oligohydramnios group, which was significantly greater (P value <0.05) than the percentage increase of 28.4% in control group. Hydration was associated with decrease in urine specific gravity in both groups. Conclusion: Maternal (oral) hydration increases AFV in women with oligohydramnios as well as in women with normal AFV and may be beneficial in the management of oligohydramnios.



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