Clinical and Radiological Performance of Three Endodontic Sealers


  • Khalid Hussain
  • F Anwar
  • M K Tareen
  • S Zubair
  • M Tariq



Calcium hydroxide is commonly used in endodontics as an interappointment root canal dressing. The object of this study was to compare the clinical/radiographic treatment of 3 sealers, 2 of which contain calcium hydroxide. The clinical/radiological performance of three endodontic sealers was assessed in a prospective study of endodontic treatment in 150 roots. The roots were treated by undergraduate students according to a standardized procedure, and were filled with laterally condensed gutta-percha and sealer. The patients were recalled yearly for 4 years for a clinical and radiographic control examination, and the radiographs were scored using the periapical index (PAI) scoring system. The difference was significant after 1 year and persisted through the 4-year observation period. The difference was also evident after stratification of the material with regard to preoperative pulpal and periapical diagnosis. The influence of the sealer on treatment outcome was small.

Key words: Gutta-percha, Sealer, Endodontic.

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Hussain, K., Anwar, F., Tareen, M. K., Zubair, S., & Tariq, M. (1). Clinical and Radiological Performance of Three Endodontic Sealers. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 13(2).




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