Ruptured uterus - an ongoing problem


  • Erum Shahid
  • Samia Malik
  • Nadia Maqbool



Uterine Rupture. Morbidity. Maternal Mortality. Fetal Death. Uterine Diseases. Incidence. Pregnancy Complications. Parity. Postoperative Period.


Objective: To determine frequency of ruptured uterus, its causes, site, post operative matemal morbidity and mortality and to suggest its preventive measures. Design: A prospective study. Place and duration of study: Jan.2004 to Dec.2005, Lady Aitcheson Hospital Lahore. Materials and methods: This study was carried on 23 patients with rupture of uterus. Results: Total no of deliveries during this period were 7533. We received 23 patients with rupture of uterus. Out of these 17 were unbooked and only 6 were booked. Out of the booked patients 4 took trial of labour outside the hospital .Only 2 patients had uterine rupture in the hospital and that also was due to scar dehiscence. Conclusion: All labouring patients should be given due trial before embarking upon first c/s , moreover c/s should, be done only for obstetric reasons &preferably by lower segment transverse incision under proper aseptic conditions by a competent surgeon. Patients should be counselled for early booking in next pregnancy and delivery should be conducted in the hospital.



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