Linitis Plastica (diffuse, infiltrating, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma)


  • Intesarur Rashid Khan
  • Mohammad Akmal Shafiq
  • Khawaja Mohammad Azeem



Linitis Plastica. Adenocarcinoma. Stomach Neoplasms. Adenocarcinoma, Scirrhous. Colonic Neoplasms. Esophageal Neoplasms. Gastrectomy. Adenocarcinoma, Mucinous. Vomiting.


A 50 years old female patient, presented with retrosternal pain early satiety and vomiting for last three months. Vomitus contained undigested food matter and was more for solids. No significant weight loss was noted by the patients or attendants. She consulted local doctors who gave her some medications and advised g astroscpoy which revealed non specific gastritis. Surgeon advised Barium meal which revealed shrunken stomach with irregular margins. Despite no true preoperative histological. Support, we decided to operate upon the patient and procedure planned was palliative gastrectomy and Rouxen-Y esphagojejunostomy. After opening abdomen via midline incision, operative findings noted, resectibility of tumor was assessed. Major vessels of stomach were tied. Spleen and stomach were taken out. Duodenal stump was closed. Continuity was restored by bringing the roux loop of jejunum and anastomosing it end to side with abdominal esophagus using nasogastric tube as stent. The specimen was sent for histopathology which revealed adenoicarcinoma. Result:The patient was referred to oncology ward for chemotherapy, where she received full course of chemotherapy. She visits us regularly and is satisfied with the treatment offered.



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Khan, I. R., Shafiq, M. A., & Azeem, K. M. (2016). Linitis Plastica (diffuse, infiltrating, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma). Annals of King Edward Medical University, 11(3).