Pattern of Abo & Rh blood groups in Multan region

Pattern of Abo & Rh blood groups in Multan region



ABO Blood-Group System. Blood Group Antigens. Rh-Hr Blood-Group System. Blood Group Incompatibility. Blood Grouping and Crossmatching. Gene Frequency. Isoantibodies. Genetics, Population. Phenotype.


The discovery of various blood group systems has an immense importance in transfusion medicine and medico legal field. The association of certain blood groups with various diseases like peptic ulcer is well established. ABO and Rh blood groups are the main systems to cause blood transfusion reactions. An individual blood group today, is as important as national identity card. In cases of emergency blood transfusion, the blood group data of a population is very much important. The frequency of ABO and Rh blood groups vary throughout the world. It has been observed that group B diminishes in frequency from East to West. ABO and Rh blood group data is well established in Karachi and Lahore areas, but the data is not available from Multan region. In this study six thousands young healthy voluntary blood donors of either sex belonging to Multan region comprising of 5476 males and 524 females were included from "Blood Transfusion Center Nishtar Hospital Multan" and "Fatmid Blood Transfusion Center Multan". The commonest blood group observed in this study was "B" with frequency of 36.95%. The next common was group "0" with frequency of 33.8% followed by group "A" with frequency of 21.92% and group "AB" 7.33%. The frequency distribution of Rh blood group shows that 92.17% of the subjects are Rh-+ve & 7.83% are Rh--ve.




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