Is there any relationship of age & sex to the etiology and outcome of medical coma?


  • Muhammad Arif Nadeem
  • Khadija Irfan
  • Kh A Irfan Waheed
  • Tariq Waseein



Databases, Factual. Future. Attention. Age Factors. Sex Factors. Aging. Age Distribution. Population Characteristics. Life Expectancy.


As the diseases behave differently in males and females and even in different age groups, particular attention was made to classify and observe the distribution of various causes of coma according to age and sex of the patient in order to formulate our indigenous database for future reference. We studied the coma etiology with particular reference to the age and sex of the patient, and the outcome. All the 517 (312 male {60.35%} and 205 female {39.65%}) patients were divided into 7 groups according to decades from age 12 to 80 years. Patients older than 40 years predominated (318 {61.5%}). Metabolic coma was predominant cause in almost all age groups. Structural coma was increasing progressively with the age. Poisonings were the common cause in patients under 30, representing 35.85% of all comas in the age group 12-20, and 33.70% in the group from 21-30 years. In the next two decades (31-50 years), hepatic and renal failure predominated making up more than half of all causes. Leading causes among males we re poisonings (69 cases), hemorrhagic CVA (48 cases), ischemic CVA (24 cases), renal failure (28 cases) and hepatic coma (35 cases). Similarly among females causal distribution revealed renal failure (34 cases), followed by hepatic coma (29 cases), and hemorrhagic CVA (26 cases). Out of the 476 (92%) patients whose outcome could be determined 297 (57.4%) were discharged after recovery and 179 (34.6%) died. Eighty out of 205 female patients died (39%), while 99 out of 312 males had a fatal outcome (31.7%). We conclude that coma etiology has a significant effect on prognosis, while such significance could not be assigned to age or sex.



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Nadeem, M. A., Irfan, K., Waheed, K. A. I., & Waseein, T. (2016). Is there any relationship of age & sex to the etiology and outcome of medical coma?. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 11(4).




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