Mucocele of Appendix


  • Naeem Ahmad Khan
  • Nasir Raza Zaidi
  • Saleem Qureshi
  • Qamar Sardar Sheikh
  • Nadeem Waraich



Appendix. Mucocele. Cecal Diseases. Pain. Appendicitis. Appendectomy. Appendiceal Neoplasms. Abdominal Pain. Pelvis.


A 55 years old patient presented with pain in the right lumber region/Right iliac fossa for last two months. He also complains of fever off and on for last 2-3 months. He got intermittent treatment from one of the rural health centre in Manga Mendi Lahore. On examination in surgical emergency there was a mobile mass felt in the right iliac fossa. On abdominal ultrasound there was a long 11 X 5 cm well defined tubular mass with blind end is seen in the right iliac fossa. The mass is mobile while pressing with the ultrasound probe. This tubular structure shows typical Onion skin appearance. There was no evidence of any free fluid in the vicinity & in pelvis. No evidence of enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes noted in Right Iliac fossa. This tubular mass was clearly separated from the iliac vessels & ileal loops. Other findings on ultrasound was bilateral multiple renal cysts and two calculi impacted in the right utero-vesical junction with mild to moderate retrospective obstructive uropathy. The diagnosis on ultrasound was Mucocele of Appendix. On surgery there was large 11-12 cm tubular mass seen in the right iliac fossa which is freely mobile. The mass was surgically removed. On dissection there was whitish thick secretion seen coming out of the tubular mass. On histopathology Mucocele of appendix is confirmed



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Khan, N. A., Zaidi, N. R., Qureshi, S., Sheikh, Q. S., & Waraich, N. (2016). Mucocele of Appendix. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 9(4).




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