The Job is not yet over

The Job is not yet over


  • Fatima Mahboob



Liver. Cirrhosis. Liver Diseases. Liver Cirrhosis. Hepatitis, Chronic. Liver Function Tests. Metabolic Pathways. Chronic Disease. Occupations.


Cirrhosis of liver is a chronic disease. Chronic dysfunction of liver disturbs different body functions and metabolic pathways. As cases of chronic liver disease are on the increase, a multidisciplinary approach is needed for the welfare of the patients. Usually the discharge slips of the admitted patients are prepared by adjustment of dosage in different circumstances. The aim of the present study is to highlight the importance of the knowledge of the patient about their disease and its expected complications. It is prospective hospital based case study. One hundred patients of cirrhosis of liver were included in the study. The patients were admitted in North Medical Ward of Mayo Hospital, Lahore during February 2002 to February 2003. A questionnaire was prepared and the required information was obtained from the patient/attendant and was recorded in the proforma. The patients are not having much information about the amount of salt to be taken. No clear idea about water intake, protein intake and daily caloric intake. They are not aware of modifying or adjusting the dosage of different drugs. Many complications are avoidable. It is a chronic process. The patient`s education is a must to improve quality of life, to decrease number of hospital admissions and to lessen the misery of rest of the family due to repeated admissions.




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