Transcervical Excision Parapharyngeal Space Masses


  • M I J Khan
  • M M Ali
  • T Abbas



Parapharyngeal Mass, Intraoral presentation, Transcervical approach


Parapharyngeal space is a potential space, which is divided by the styloid process into the prestyliod and poststyloid space. The primary Parapharyngeal space tumours are rare and accounting for 0.5% of Head & Neck doubt surgical removal of these tumours is challenging and access requires mandible split quite often. In this paper we review the brief anatomy, presentation and evaluation of four case, which was operated in ENT and Head & Neck Surgery Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Manchester Royal Infirmary U.K. all these tumours have been removed without mandible split through Transcervical approach even with their  enormous size.



How to Cite

Khan, M. I. J., Ali, M. M., & Abbas, T. (2017). Transcervical Excision Parapharyngeal Space Masses. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 8(1).



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