A Novel Treatment of Suppurative Perichondritis / Aural Hematoma After Ear Piercing


  • M Mujeeb
  • W Ahmad
  • M M Ali




Auricular hematoma/ suppurative perichondritis, buttons, ear piercing


Auricular hematoma and suppurative perichondritis are seen in all age groups for several reasons. We are presenting a series of 15 cases (30 ears) of suppurative perichondritis of the auricle after ear piercing treated by button technique. As far as we know the button technique has never  been used to treat suppurative perichondritis, though it has been used for management of auricular hematoma. All ears were first subjected to wide bore needle aspiration of the aural swelling to determine the nature of contents. Pus was aspirated in all case, which were therefore subjected to incision, drainage and surgical debridement to remove necrosed cartilage. To abolish the dead space between the perichondrium and cartilage we applied coat buttons on each side of the auricle using 2/0 prolene suture. Twenty nine out of 30 ears recovered with almost normal shape of the pinna where as one ear had mild thickening of the auricle as a result of loose buttons. This treatment is very simple, very effective with almost 100% results and is very cost effective by reducing the hospital stay.



How to Cite

Mujeeb, M., Ahmad, W., & Ali, M. M. (2017). A Novel Treatment of Suppurative Perichondritis / Aural Hematoma After Ear Piercing. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v8i1.1644




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