Chemical Pancreatectomy: An Invaluable Research Tool in Diabetes Mellitus.

Keywords: Chemical Pancreatectomy, Alloxan, beta cell, pancreas.


Besides traditional treatment of NIDDM by oral hypoglycemic agents research is constantly being carried out on a number of indigenous plants and herbs to find their usefulness in this disease. It is difficult to find volunteers for trial of such indigenous drugs. Hence we have to depend upon animals in which diabetes is produced experimentally. Alloxan is quite effective in producing experimental diabetes primarily by damaging the beta cells which are highly susceptible to its action. We have to observe certain precautions while this drug is being used otherwise their will be very high mortality rate in animals under going this experiment. Following article is based on personal experience of the writer in producing such diabetes, which could be of great help for all those who are in search of a new antidiabetic herb which can be included in the diet of noninsulin dependent diabetics.