Factors precipitating Congestive Cardiac Failure in local community


  • Irshad Hussain
  • Saqib Shafi Sheikh
  • Irfan Majeed




Congestive Cardiac Failure, Precipitating Factors, Etiology.


Objective: To fine out the common precipitating factors of congestive cardiac failure in local population which vary from community to community depending upon educational status, socio-economic conditions and health-care facilities in the community. Study Design: Descriptive with prospective data collection. Setting : Medical Departments of Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Patients and Methods: Fifty patients having decompensated CCF diagnosed on history, clinical examination and investigations including echocardiography were included. They were thoroughly interrogated regarding various precipitating factors by history, examination and investigations. Results: Fifty patients, 2 4 males and 2 6 females were included, mean age was 40 years. The commonest etiology for CCF was rheumatic heart disease 44%, followed by ischemic heart disease with hypertension 24%, IHD alone 20%, cardiomyopathy 8%. The commonest precipitating factor was non-compliance with diet and drugs; (44%) followed by infections (16%) arrythmias (16%), uncontrolled hypertension 12% anemia 8% and peripartum cardiomyopathy 4%. Conclusion: Majority of the precipitating factors of CCF like non-compliance with drugs or diet can be prevented by better patients health education.



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Hussain, I., Sheikh, S. S., & Majeed, I. (2018). Factors precipitating Congestive Cardiac Failure in local community. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 10(3). https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v10i3.2367