Efficacy of 17 Αlpha Hydroxy Progesterone in Prevention of Preterm Labour in High Risk Patients


  • Farhatulain Ahmed
  • Shamila Yasir
  • Attiqa Amin
  • Noor-i-kiran Naeem




Objective:  To determine the efficacy of 17 α OH pro-gesterone in prevention of preterm labour in high risk patients.

Study Design:  Randomized control trial.

Place and Duration of Study:  Department of Obstet-ric and Gynecology, Fatima Memorial Hospital, La-hore during January2008 to December 2010.

Patients and Methods:  Two hundreds women ful-filling inclusion criteria were recruited in study and were divided into two groups (treated and non-trea-ted). The 17 α OH progesterone injections were started from 20 weeks and on ward on weekly basis until 36 weeks of gestation or delivery whichever occurred first. The primary end point was preterm birth, defined as birth occurring before 37 weeks of gestation. Other outcomes were frequency of episodes of uterine con-tractions, episodes of preterm labour and response to treatment with beta – mimetics.

Results:  The treatment with 17 α OH progesterone helped to prolong pregnancy to full term in 66% as compared to those non treated 11%. There was 4.17 (2.65 – 6.60) time higher RR in non treated group as compared to treated group for preterm delivery bet-ween 35 – 37 weeks. Similarly the RR was 4.94 (2.61-8.58) and 6.33 (2.95 – 13.60) in non treated group as compare to treated group of preterm deliveries bet-ween 32 – 35 weeks and < 32 weeks respectively.

Conclusion:  Women with previous preterm births when treated with 17 α OH progesterone showed sig-nificant reduction in spontaneous early preterm deli-very.

Keywords:  17 α OH progesterone, preterm delivery, previous preterm deliveries.


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Ahmed, F., Yasir, S., Amin, A., & Naeem, N.- i- kiran. (1). Efficacy of 17 Αlpha Hydroxy Progesterone in Prevention of Preterm Labour in High Risk Patients. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 18(1), 38. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v18i1.373