Medical Termination of First Trimester Miscarriages


  • F M Khan
  • Attiqa Amin
  • F L Ahmad
  • N K Naeem



Objective: To study the success rate of medical termination of first trimester non viable pregnancies with misoprostol 1200µg.The secondary end points were to study the prevalence of unwanted side effects.

Study design: Interventional: Quasi experimental study.

Setting: Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore.

Study duration:  18 months (July 05 to January 07).

Sample technique: Non-probable sampling: Purposive.

Sample: Eighty one women seeking medical attention for early miscarriages.

Method: Women with non viable, first trimester miscarriage were selected for termination with misoprostol 1200µg in divided doses over 24 hours.

Main outcome measures: Main outcome measure was the proportion of successful resolution of miscarriage without surgical intervention. Secondary outcomes were incidence of pain, heavy vaginal bleeding (>500ml), infection, pyrexia and gastrointestinal side effects.

Results: Eighty-one women were recruited in the study. Treatment was successful in 43 patients (53.1%) with 38 patients (46.9%) requiring surgical evacuation due to failure of treatment. Major side effect experienced by patient was pain (42.0%) requiring analgesia for relief. Nausea and vomiting was seen in (18.5%). Two patients (2.5%) had diarrhea and three patients (3.7%) had pyrexia. Five patients (6.2%) had heavy vaginal bleeding (>500ml). None had PID.

Conclusion: Medical treatment of first trimester miscarriage is non-invasive and cost effective method of treatment and a safe alternative to D&C. Our study demonstrated the efficiency and safety of administration of 1200μg of misoprostol orally for management of missed, incomplete and an embryonic miscarriage.

Keywords:  Misoprostol, medical management, miscarriage.

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Khan, F. M., Amin, A., Ahmad, F. L., & Naeem, N. K. (1). Medical Termination of First Trimester Miscarriages. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 13(2).