A trial of Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG) to cure the Skin Cancer

A trial of Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG) to cure the Skin Cancer


  • Tauqir Ahmad
  • Farooq Ahmad
  • Muhammad Sharif Mughal
  • Aziz Ullah
  • Atiya Khalid




Objectives:  In pursuit of cancer cure, the present studies, using mice as a model, evaluated the BCG. to prevent and revert the structural and biochemical changes that were induced in skin by carcinogens DMBA and TPA.

Methods:  Eighty mice distributed into eight groups of ten mice each were utilized. Two separate control groups were maintained. In the first experimental group, DMBA alone and in the second experimental group, DMBA and TPA were applied on the skin of mice. In the third and the fourth experimental groups, these carcinogens were applied alongwith the administration of BCG. In the fifth and sixth experimental groups, BCG, was administered after applications of these carcinogens. The development / fate of lesions were evaluated.

Results:  It was observed that the repeated application of DMBA alone produced more malignant while the repeated application of TPA produced more benign varieties of skin cancer; the repeated application of these carcinogens with the administration of BCG did not result into epidermal tumor, but resulted into only dermal cancer; administration of BCG. also arrested the lesions pre-produced by these carcinogens . The statistical analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins concentrations estimates were found significant.

Conclusion:  Results of this study point out that repeated application of DMBA, or TPA cause both epithelial and mesenchymal tumorigenesis in the skin. However, exposures to these carcinogens with the administration of BCG do not produce epidermal tumors. Moreover, administration of BCG arrests the epidermal lesions already produced by these carcinogens.


DMBA (Dimethyl Benz anthracene) is derived from anthracene i.e. polyaromatic hydrocarbon found in commonly used coal tar.

TPA (tetradecanyl phorbol acetate) is derived from acetate that is salt or ester of ethanoic acid manufactured by oxidation of ethanol and commonly used for production of vinegar.


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Ahmad, T., Ahmad, F., Mughal, M. S., Ullah, A., & Khalid, A. (2010). A trial of Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG) to cure the Skin Cancer. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 14(2), 63. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v14i2.53



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