• Saira Afzal
  • Fariha Salman




Bronchopneumonia is acute inflammation of the bron-chioles which is characterized by multiple foci of iso-lated, acute consolidation that affects one or more pul-monary lobules.

Objectives:  To find out the determinants of broncho-pneumonia in children up to 12 years visiting Mayo hospital from February to July 2013.

Design:  Population based case control study.

Place:  Lahore.

Study Period:  06 months.

Subjects and Methods:  Population based case-con-trol study with 1:1 case to control ratio was conducted. A total of 100 subjects (50 cases and 50 controls) were recruited in study. Selection was made on laid down criteria after taking due consent. Interviews were con-ducted through a pretested questionnaire. Data was collected, compiled and analyzed through SPSS ver-sion 20.After describing the demographic characteri-stics using frequency tables, simple and multivariate logistic regression were used to calculate odds ratio and their 95% confidence intervals.

Results:  In multivariate analysis, while controlling all other risk factors, prematurity (OR: 4.720 95% CI:

Afzal S.1

Chairperson and Head, Department of Community Medicine

King Edward Medical University Lahore Pakistan

Salman F.2

Post Graduate Trainee, Department of Community Medicine

King Edward Medical University, Lahore

1.559 - 14.286) and poor access to health care (OR: 2.557 95% CI: 1.049 - 6.231) were found to be signi-ficantly associated with bronchopneumonia.

Key Words:  Bronchopneumonia, passive smoking, overcrowding, pre-maturity.


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Afzal, S., & Salman, F. (1). DETERMINANTS OF BRONCHO-PNEUMONIA IN CHIL-DREN. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 20(4), 284.




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