Clinical Experience with Monteleukast in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis


  • Azhar Hameed
  • Maroof Aziz Khan
  • Javed Iqbal
  • Zahra Jabeen Hameed



Background:  To evaluate the role of Monteleukast in combination with antihistamines and/or intranasal corticosteroids in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis (AR).

Type of study:  A cross-sectional observational study.

Methods:  30 diagnosed cases of AR were treated with a combination of Monteleukast and Antihistamines and/or Intranasal Corticosteroids and followed up for seven days.

Results:  22 patients reported for follow-up and were included in this study. The average age of these patients was 28 years. There were 9 males and 13 females. Nasal itching was the most common symptom followed by nasal congestion, sneezing and rhinorrhoea seen in 21, 20, 20 and 17 patients respectively. Relief in symptoms was seen in 95% cases of nasal itching, sneezing and nasal congestion and 94% cases of rhinorrhoea. 2 patients reported with complications.

Conclusion:  Monteleukast in combination with antihistamines and or intranasal corticosteroids is an effective method of treatment of AR.

Key Words:  Monteleukast, Allergic Rhinitis, antihistamines.

How to Cite

Hameed, A., Khan, M. A., Iqbal, J., & Hameed, Z. J. (1). Clinical Experience with Monteleukast in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 15(3), 144.




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