Incidental thyroid carcinoma in multinodular goitre


  • Tariq Waqar
  • Shahzad Younas
  • Faisal Riaz



Thyroid Carcinoma. Thyroid Nodule. Carcinoma, Papillary. Goiter, Nodular. Thyroidectomy. Carcinoma, Papillary, Follicular. Goiter. Thyroid Gland. Thyroid Diseases.


Objectives: This study aims to determine the diagnosis of incidental thyroid carcinoma in patients operated on for multinodular goitre. Study design: Descriptive. Place and duration: Surgical Department, Nishtar Hospital Multan during January 2005 to June 2006. Patients and methods: Study was carried out on 100 patients of either sex, above the age of 14 years with euthyroid multinodular goitre. Results: Of the 100 patients of multinodular goitre, 89 were females, with female to male ratio of 8.09:1. The pressure symptoms were present in 28 patients, commonest one was dyspnoe in 18%. Swelling was bilateral in 82 patient with retrostemal extension in 6%.Thyroid carcinoma was reported in 11% patients during histopathology after subtotal thyroidectomies. The most common malignancy was papillary carcinoma with 54.54%. Papillary to follicular ratio was 2:1. Postoperative complications occurred in 8 patients, wound infection 4%, temporary hoarseness 3% and Hypoparathyroidism 1%. No patient required reexploration due to postoperative haemorrhage. Mortality was nil. Conclusion: Risk of malignancy in MNG should not be underestimated and dominant nodules in multinodular goitre should be valued as solitary nodule.



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Waqar, T., Younas, S., & Riaz, F. (2016). Incidental thyroid carcinoma in multinodular goitre. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 12(4).