Stroke in elderly patients admitted at Mayo Hospital, Lahore


  • Bilquis Shabbir
  • Adil Iqbal
  • Sara Shoaib
  • Farooq Butt
  • Shazia Jamil
  • Samar Firdous
  • Khan M Z



Stroke. Hospital Units. Brain Ischemia. Patient Care. Cerebrovascular Disorders. Population. Patient Discharge. Cerebral Hemorrhage. Physical Therapy Modalities.


Early constitute a major proportion of our population. Our study at West Medical Unit of Mayo Hospital, Lahore was based on elderly patients presenting with various types of stroke. Out of 206 elderly patients, 28 had stroke. 12 were female and 16 male. 3 had transient ischemic attack (TIA), 16 suffered from thrombotic stroke and 9 from haemorrhagic event. 6 patients from study group died and 2 left against medical advice. We concluded that stroke is a disease of the elderly imposing major impact on their mortality rates, age being a major risk factor. Hence stress should be laid on the disease as well on the elderly which constitute a major portion of our population.



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Shabbir, B., Iqbal, A., Shoaib, S., Butt, F., Jamil, S., Firdous, S., & M Z, K. (2016). Stroke in elderly patients admitted at Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 12(4).




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