Assessment of clinical teaching /training program in medicine among the medical students


  • Aamir Shahzad
  • Tanvir Us Salam
  • Mohammad Ashraf Majrooh
  • Israr Ul Haque
  • Shamail Zafar
  • I Kashif M Ali



Students, Medical. Teaching. Student. Medicine. Education, Medical, Undergraduate. Curriculum. Education, Medical. Research. Schools


A student`s analysis of teaching / curriculum designing is important for proper educational planning. The study was conducted to evaluate the clinical training in subject of medicine with mutual collaboration of Foundation University Medical College Rawalpindi (FUMC) and Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC) Lahore. Total 151 students were interviewed out of those 74 were interview in FUMC Rawalpindi and 77 in AIMC Lahore. To get the feedback of clinical training in undergraduate students a simple questionnaire was distributed during the clinical attachments of final year students. The results showed 55% students were satisfied with duration of clinical rotation while 48.3% of the students thought, instead of rotation to all units, continuous stay in one unit would be a better idea; but marked variation in teaching standards and level of enthusiasm among teachers forces them to opt for the former to benefit from all teachers. Only 31 percent of students were satisfied with the level of commitment shown by senior faculty members and 21.8 percent thought that topics were adequately covered during clinical rotations. Ward tests were not rated very high as a reliable tool of their assessment and 60% felt it failed to assess them thoroughly.



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Shahzad, A., Salam, T. U., Majrooh, M. A., Haque, I. U., Zafar, S., & Ali, I. K. M. (2016). Assessment of clinical teaching /training program in medicine among the medical students. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 12(1).




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