Prof. Dr. Saira Afzal
Program Director CME

Dean of Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Chairperson, Department of Community Medicine
Editor of Annals of KEMU,
King Edward Medical University, Lahore

Prof Dr Saira Afzal
Prof. Dr. Saira Afzal


Prof Saira Afzal is Chairperson and Head of Department at Community Medicine, Faculty of Public Health in King Edward Medical University, Lahore.

Professor Afzal graduated from King Edward Medical College and completed her specialization in Internal Medicine from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. She completed her M.Phil and Ph.D. in Public Health from King Edward Medical University. She is a Faculty Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Lahore Pakistan and King Edward Medical University Lahore. Professor Afzal is certified in Research Methodology from WHO and in Curriculum development from Johns Hopkins, US. She is also editor of an indexed and well reputed research journal “Annals of King Edward Medical University, Lahore”.

Prof. Dr. Saira Afzal has published more than 50 research papers in national and international medical journals. Her research interests include epidemiology, preventive medicine, health education, curriculum development, environmental health, occupational health, and maternal and child health.

She has provided technical consultations to international organizations such as UNICEF and has worked as Public Health Expert in Research Project Global Real Time Infectious Diseases Surveillance in collaboration with Purdue University USA. She has also contributed in pretesting, training, post testing, planning, evaluation, monitoring, and audit of Projects (Helping Baby Survive, Helping Baby Breathe) specially designed for rural areas and vulnerable populations.

Additionally, Prof Afzal has worked as a consultant and Public Health Expert in Project for System Oriented Health Improvement and Promotion (SOHIP Project). She is also a focal person in Project Responsible Citizenship and Community Services at King Edward Medical University.

Currently, Prof. Saira is working on “Assessment of obesity and its risk factors among elementary and high school going children in an urban community” research project and collaborates with Planning and Management Unit as Public Health Expert for Punjab Public Health Agency (PPHA). She is also involved in teaching and training undergraduate students and supervising postgraduate students.

Professor Afzal is contributing as an epidemiologist and expert in Public Health and Community Medicine in the NGHRU project.

During COVID-19 Pandemic, Prof. Dr. Saira Afzal did an enormous amount of work towards the prevention & control of COVID-19. She is also assisting Punjab Health Department as a member of Corona Expert Advisory Group (CEAG). In addition, Prof. Dr. Saira Afzal as an editor of Annals of KEMU made a great contribution by publishing more than 100 articles on COVID-19 and still further research is going on under her supervision.